Driven by interests in psychology, mysticism and sexuality, my work is almost exclusively self-portraiture and portraits of those in my close circle. I have been producing fairly large, narrative, figurative paintings for two decades. I set up a tableau and do a photoshoot that is often collaborative with the model. Props, costumes and backgrounds are arranged, and I take many photographs.  Rarely do I paint from one image, however, they are often a collage of a few.  My technique is almost sculptural, using thin layers of oil paint I add, adjust and take away elements until the painting has enough resonance and presence. I work quickly, aggressively and expressively.

Themes of God-realization, sexuality, feminine empowerment, spiritual practise and shadow exploration permeate my work, as do my experiences in my spiritual practise in shamanic journeying, meditation, tantra and energy work. My lengthy career as a sex worker, primarily as a porn producer and performer, also regularly comes up in my paintings, as it is not only a large part of my life, but there are many curious areas of overlap.  In making porn, I also am constantly creating images of my body and erotic nature. In my work as a pornographer I am mainly a muse to my client’s fantasies and subject to the market, but I explore the collective subconscious, secret desires and fetishes and the taboo.  I use costumes, wigs and props to make hundreds of characters over the years. My porn work is largely solitary, but I sometimes I collaborate with friends and lovers, so as in my paintings, the imagery is often about myself, but also features authentic intimacy with others.  From the porn studio, much like the art studio, I create fantasy settings and scenarios from concept, performance, editing and release. 

I am interested in Jungian psychology, mythology, the nature of consciousness, relationships, psychedelics, power dynamics and alchemy. For my entire career my work has dealt with the flux of identity and persona as well as the interplay of masculine and feminine energies. Such considerations are universal in mythology, and are not intended to be overtly concerned with gender norms, rather it is about the balance of energies within oneself and in life.  Thematically, I also am interested the creative process, perception, self-reflection, voyeurism, and the nature of looking. In my paintings, the characters are put in situations which emphasize the power of their feelings and the potency of their humanity and lived experience. These works are typically narratives from my own life and that of my intimates, but I attempt to make them transpersonal when I associate their human vulnerability with the divine.