My chosen medium has long been paint; I work in oil because I love the pliant yet elusive nature of the medium, I love how effectively and mysteriously it carries the energy and trace of the artist. I’m interested in the range oil paint can lend, from thin, dripping washes to deeply layered forms, brushstrokes show the hand of the maker, which is invisible in our everyday world. My most recent work deals with making the visual language of alchemy relevant to contemporary art, transformation of the self and imagining pure states of consciousness. For years, my work has dealt with the flux of identity, persona, Jungian psychology and the interplay of energy.

This imagery functions as a visual repository for a symbolic narrative in which a dream-like language defines itself.  Figures make up the bulk of my oeuvre, specifically, myself and the people who are closest to me; I am fascinated with the dynamics of relationships and psychology. I like to challenge the viewer, to provoke, intrigue and make people think while still leaving room for interpretation. My aim is to create mystery through use of curious and unexpected imagery.  Elements of paintings often come to me in dreams or fantasies of alternate realities based on some part of an emotional or essential truth.  The paintings are a combination of the very personal as well as the archetypal, and as such, they often bear mythological associations.  Thematically, I deal with the nature of creativity, life and death, sexuality, mysticism, self and other, voyeurism and the nature of looking.

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  1. Hello Kara, I am the lady at post office, and finally I was able to go on your site during my break.
    I can’t understand very well because english it is not my first language…but it your interest it is about the women and some ideas around (like the last sentence of your statement…maybee the artist center( la centrale) was interest…chek in the web, because maybe your path it is this way( artist center) not necessary by the gallery first…after it can be more easy… it si just a felling… but I shear that with you 🙂
    Glad to see your work, and be a part the organisme CCL(conseil de la culture des Laurentides-st-Jérome) they give a lot of tool for the artistes and they work for us…work shop, grant, connection with the ”milieu artistique”
    good day 🙂

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